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Toilet Seat Riser

Will the Riser Fit My Toilet?
Minimum Dimensions for Proper Fit

Measure the inside of the toilet bowl rim.

If the inside dimensions of your toilet bowl
are at least 11-3/4 inches from front-to-back
and at least 9-3/4 inches from side-to-side
our toilet seat riser will fit your toilet!

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Bath and Shower Safety Treads
Application Instructions • Cleaning Instructions

Before You Begin: Your tub and shower must be completely clean and dry.

  • Position strips in the desired positions (see recommended patterns below).
  • To make short strips, cut full strips with scissors, rounding corners.
  • Peel back approximately 1/2" of backing without touching adhesive side.
  • Press the peeled-back portion firmly against surface, then slowly peel back the rest of the backing while smoothing the strip into place. Roll with a hand roller - if available - to insure proper adhesion.
  • Cleaning Instructions: To clean, wipe occasionally with detergent.
  • Concrete Application: To apply to concrete or other porous surfaces, first apply a sealer.

Suggested Tub Pattern

Suggested shower floor pattern

Other Suggested Uses

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Medi-Mate Auto-Minder Pill Dispenser

• This appliance only uses one battery. Don't be confused by the diagram in the instructions.
• The Medi-Mate Auto-Minder is very easy to use and if you take multiple medications, it can be a lifesaver in terms of both reminding you when to take a particular pill, but also in telling you which ones you've already taken!
• The Medi-Mate Auto Minder is extremely easy to use. Follow the instructions on setting the times and you're 90% done. If you have any trouble setting the Medi-Mate up to work for you, PLEASE CALL US - (503)567-8597 and we'll walk you through the process!

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